In Cold Blood

Last night 
Your old city came to your door:
Bedraggled and horny, she threw herself on the floor
And started undoing her skin—
Lace by lace, cockroaches and tears,
Echoes of city lights, green, purple and pink,
Convulsing with the kisses on the cold terraces.
She threw out her ears, made the songs wriggle
As they danced over shards of whiskey bottles.
You are trying to place her, imagining her nights, listening to her speak
But it all fails miserably.
She scales under the table with her molten body
And then she picks herself up:
wreck of a passionate youth
But you are looking out, wondering if it’s going to rain again.

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This after work, romantic porn.

She steps inside the Metro,

Microwaving romantic porn in her head:

Legs, hands, tongues, bodies

Beaming into her through countless eyes that surround her.

She will wade her way through the smell of sweat, the thud of unknown bodies,

The squealing children, workers, women, men, not-men, not-women:

The throat of an entire city crammed into one compartment.


Don’t talk to loneliness, 

she will meet you at the auto stand when you are leaving the station.

She will throw clouds of cigarette smoke, fingers arched over groins

And love letters rolling under the traffic,

More faces, more couples, more legs, more of this city- none for her.

They are ants she will carry in her bag, let them march over her while she bathes

Until they all become tarantulas in her mind,

Giant rocks that are too heavy to sleep with.

So every night, she scrubs the city off her

Peeling face by face and 

Losing some of her’s too. 

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Sending off love to YOU!

Dearest new followers and old lovers and comrades,

I have been witnessing a crazy flood of Tumblr love over the past few days where some of my artwork/posts have gone viral and exceeded shares overs 2000! I have been getting e-mails and interacting with people from SO many places and it just feels kind of surreal. I still remember the initial days of keeping Rangeen Makhee alive: throwing my old diary notes, poetry written during Metro journeys, art works gathered over a period of time and always keeping my eyes open to new learning. I have been growing with you and each one of you has been an important voice in keeping me insomniac and motivated to keep the colors streaming and the music, pumping.

This has proven to be a brilliant ride of inspiration and I promise (we promise) to never change that.

For those who asked about my Facebook page, here it is:

You can also drop me an email at: with any questions or comments or flirtatious winks. 


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