Sending off love to YOU!

Dearest new followers and old lovers and comrades,

I have been witnessing a crazy flood of Tumblr love over the past few days where some of my artwork/posts have gone viral and exceeded shares overs 2000! I have been getting e-mails and interacting with people from SO many places and it just feels kind of surreal. I still remember the initial days of keeping Rangeen Makhee alive: throwing my old diary notes, poetry written during Metro journeys, art works gathered over a period of time and always keeping my eyes open to new learning. I have been growing with you and each one of you has been an important voice in keeping me insomniac and motivated to keep the colors streaming and the music, pumping.

This has proven to be a brilliant ride of inspiration and I promise (we promise) to never change that.

For those who asked about my Facebook page, here it is:

You can also drop me an email at: with any questions or comments or flirtatious winks. 


Mrs. S****T


In a crowded apartment,

Someone continues to live behind a veil.

She turns blue at night, swimming through rooms like a hungry lantern fish

And when she finds her prey, she settles on the bed post

Dripping liquid gold from her fins.

She weaves stories, watches restless naked bodies

Turn bed sheets into balls and traces the point from where the streetlight falls gently on his chest

And takes little bends on her feet,

She smells her hair of shampoo and his mouth of cigarettes.

She turns red by dawn and weaker by the light.

She will smash against the wall, throb like a giant unkempt heart

And the second somebody steals a glance, a loud scream burns her belly.

She’s probably with you right now,

Just as we speak

Looks like your lover has quietly left too and your secret is written over the skies.